Allsång på Skansen and summer


Hope you’re all well. I just remembered that I haven’t updated you guys in a while now and some exciting things are coming up!

The 4h of July I’m gonna be in Strängnäs - my hometown - to perform at Kvitter i Parken (Ugglans park) with Åkervinda. We are super excited! Both me and Agnes are from the area (Agnes grew up in Mariefred) so we’re all very thrilled to sing on our home arena. Click here for Facebook event.

Aside from that, Åkervinda has got another super exciting concert coming up. We’ve been asked to perform at Allsång på Skansen! It’s the biggest event we’ve ever done and we were so surprised and flattered that we even got the question. I’ve watched Allsång på Skansen since I was a kid and I’ve never even dreamt of performing there. So super stirred, thank you SVT crew for choosing us!

We Float shared an evening with Makross and Almaz Yebio Twist ‘n Shout at Jazzfesten in Ystad the 31st of May. The concert was recorded and aired at the radio the day before yesterday. If you missed it, you can find it here.

That was all for now! If you don’t want to miss any future concerts, all my public performances are listed under “Calendar”.

Love, Linda


UK tour and singing with my idols


I’ve been away with Åkervinda for a week. We went back to England, one of our favourite destinations. We’ve been there quite a lot over the last couple of years and after each time we usually say “oh, maybe we should just go somewhere else next time, find something else to do” -yet we go back! There’s something about that country that just pulls us back, and now we have finally figured it out - it’s the people. At every concert we meet so many lovely people that are so extremely open minded when it comes to music. We thought the language barrier (we sing in Swedish) would be a problem, but it seems to be the opposite. So thank you BREXIT for not ruining this for us (yet), we were quite nervous that you would come and kill the party but you didn’t. For that I’m forever grateful.

This tour was by far the best one yet, with three sold out concerts and a workshop with over 50 participants. And I got to sing with my idols in London - how crazy is that? We met The Swingles for the first time in 2015 at Aarhus Vocal Festival. They were the headliners and we were in the vocal competition. They invited us over to their festival, the London A cappella Festival in January 2017 and it was around that time that they released their folk album “Folklore”. I think that was when the thought of a collaboration started, but it took some time before we dared to ask and our calendars matched. For this concert we wrote an arrangement together and… it’s so beautiful! Åkervinda started by choosing the tune (it’s actually two tunes that we put together) and arranging for ourselves with lots of space for the other seven voices in the second part of the song. Then we sent it to Edward Randell, the bass singer in The Swingles. He arranged their part and sent it back to us and it just blew our minds. Just wow, what an arranger! If you want to hear the whole thing, keep your ears and eyes open because we had video cameras filming it, but the second part of the song, the one with the Swingles can be found here.

After London we went straight to Bath for a workshop and concert. We met up with our friends and fellow folk musicians Su Hart and her husband Martin Cradick. Together we recorded the beautiful song “Lament for the Fisherman’s Wife” with a 360° camera at their kitchen table. Listen to it with headphones for the best sound experience. If I look sad in the video (oh yes I do) then I can promise you that I wasn’t sad at all. Please just listen to the lyrics and you’ll understand.

The last venue was a yurt in the countryside close to Ledbury. Acoustic and with blackbirds singing outside in the apple trees it was just magical. The labrador Pearl greeted us with puppy kisses that made the evening complete.

This week everything seemed to just go our way. BREXIT, SAS strike, hay fever - nothing could ruin it for us! So thank you England, we had a blast! Until next time.

Love, Linda




February is here! Not the nicest of weathers, but the sun is returning to the north! I don’t know with you, but I find it hard to function when the sun vanishes in the winter. Now, I can wake up before my alarm in the morning and feel awake, that usually never happens in my snoozy December…

Ok, so Grammisgalan happened. Wow, that was something completely different from the everyday life and chilling in the pj’s at home, haha. We dressed up in long gowns, flower crowns and jewellery from Andeliusgribbe, walked the red carpet and got seated amongst the other nominees. Actually, the back of my seat touched the back of Robyn’s seat, THEEE ROBYN. I actually screamed out loud when I realised she was seated just next to me. Unfortunately, she never came :/ 8 year old Linda would’ve been devastated, but I don’t know, maybe it was a good thing since I’m so star struck that I would have missed the whole program because of her. 8 year old Linda would’ve said that it would’ve been worth it though :D

The hosts were brilliant and the food was delicious, but unfortunately Åkervinda didn’t win. BUT, just to be clear, we’re sooo not disappointed! As I’ve mentioned already, just the nomination was enough to send us to the moon. And now we can’t get enough, so we’ll just record some new music and see what happens, hopefully we’ll be back again some day!

January was also the month when I upgraded to Linda 3.0. Thank you so much for all your birthday wishes! I had an interview with Eskilstunakuriren, and I think it turned our really nice, so hear you have it (click here for a bigger version).

Love, Linda

30-årsintervju i Eskilstunakuriren.jpg

2018 - the summary


Before we head to far into 2019, I just want to sum up all the craziness that 2018 had to offer.

2018 spoiled me. I got to play over fifty public concerts, including my first ever concert in Iceland and Luxembourg. I had two album releases, with Åkervinda and We Float. I also received Malmö stads kulturstipendium (culture scholarship) and Konstnärsnämndens arbetsstipendium (The Swedish Arts Grants Committee working grant). On top of that We Float won the award “Årets grupp” (Group of the year) at P2 Jazzkatten and we got to play on live TV and radio in Musikhjälpen. I also got to meet and play with some truly amazing musicians this year, that inspired me to practice and develop further.

2018 also gave me the greatest thing ever - our puppy Peggy. I know it’s random, but she is truly the best little dog. I’m so happy that she came into our lives and enriched it with puppy kisses and snuggles (and endless games of tug of war, bite marks and missing socks).

Some amazing things will happen in 2019 as well. First of all, Åkervinda has been nominated for a Grammis. Just the nomination is enough to make us feel like queens, but the 7th of February we’ll know who the winner is. And we get to go to a gala, that’s exciting!

In April, Åkervinda will sing a concert in London together with my all time favourite vocal group The Swingles. It’s still surreal, so don’t ask me how I feel about it just yet.

Other projects and tours will be official later on, so stay tuned!

2019, bring it on!

Love, Linda


Nominated for a Grammis


I just wanted to pop in here and say that Åkervinda has been nominated for a Grammis, the Swedish music award, in the category “Årets folkmusik” (Folk music of the year). This is complete madness, and we’re all speechless. We want to send a huge thanks to the jury for believing in us and our music and for family and friends. The gala night is the 7th of February, please keep your fingers crossed for us!

Love, Linda


Christmas show and album release


Just wanted to update you on what I’ve been up to recently. I’ve had a couple of crazy weeks, but it’s starting to ease up.

Åkervinda went to Jylland, Denmark in November, to give workshops and sing concerts together with two wonderful choirs. We had the best time, thank you to everyone involved! I’ve said it before, but workshops is one of my absolute favourite things to do! I love the feeling of unity and joy that it gives.

Straight after I went home, I started rehearsing for the Christmas show “Ännu en svensk klassiker” that I’m a part of. We’re playing 3-4 shows a week up until Christmas, so I’ll spend a lot of my time singing Swedish hits and Christmas songs the next couple of weeks. It’s so much fun, since I rarely sing any backup vocals and pop hits nowadays. Although… after a week of rehearsals I started to notice that my wrist was aching, and I realised it was because of my crazy tambourine and cowbell playing. I have to learn some percussion technique, fast!

We Float released the album “What’s Really Real?” the 9th of November on Havtorn Records. We’re so proud of the album and critics have been very kind so far. Monday, the day before yesterday, we played our release concert at Inkonst, Malmö. We invited all the guest musicians that play on the record to feature on the concert, and it was one of my greatest concert experiences ever. We had so much fun, all my stress and nervousness just melted off when we stepped up on the stage. If you missed it, you can read the nice review in Sydsvenskan and pretend you were there ;)

Now I have to go back to cuddling with my puppy <3 Take care (and don’t forget to switch over to winter tires and drive safely).

Love, Linda


Winner of P2 Jazzkatten


I’m just popping in here to tell you that We Float won the award “Årets grupp” (Group of the year) at P2 Jazzkatten 2018. This is huge for us. I know it sounds so cliché, but we weren’t expecting to win at all. The nomination itself really shook us (in a good way of course) and we never imagined to win. So THANK YOU to all the voters out there - we are so grateful that you believe in us and in our music. We’ll make sure to make up for it by releasing some great music in the near future.

We Float also played at GMLSTN Jazz yesterday. Thank you Silvia and everybody else in the team for the warmest of welcomes. You guys have a wonderful festival and we’re so happy that we were invited to take part in it.

That was all for now!



Back to it

Hello there autumn!

Here we go again! After some hectic summer months, I’m back in the swing of things with a little update for y’all. First of all, I have to tell you that WE FLOAT HAS BEEN NOMINATED FOR P2 JAZZKATTEN! Sorry for screaming, it’s just too cool not to. The category is “Årets grupp” or “Group of the year”, which for me is the best category of them all, I very much enjoy being a team player. You can vote for us by texting p2 grupp5 to 72250 (up to ten times!). Even if we don’t win (and we don’t expect to) we’re just so proud to be nominated and that we’re being recognised for what we do. And while we’re on that subject, We Float just released the first single from the record What’s Really Real? that will be released on Havtorn Records the 9th of November. It’s called REM - a song about falling asleep, surrendering into a dream and letting the imagination take over. Watch the music video or listen on Spotify.

It’s been a wonderful summer, with lots of new experiences and concerts memories to help warm the soul during the long and cold winter awaiting us. Since my last update, Åkervinda went on tour to the UK yet another time. This time, we played in London, Bath and at the Shambala festival. Lovely places, lovely people but not as warm as we’d expected. I had a concert at a Christmas market in Sweden once, where my hands froze to ice from holding the microphone. That is still the coldest gig I’ve ever had, but the night at Shambala comes in second. The glamorous life as a musician is not always glamorous :D

School has started, which means I’m back teaching at Skurups folkhögskola and also at AMS, where I teach vocals lessons once a week. It feels good to be back! Yet, everything is very different in our private lives right now, since we have a new family member! We finally got a dog, can you believe it?! Her name is Peggy and she’s been living with us for almost a month now and she’s the cutest thing that I’ve ever seen. All my dog abstinence that I’ve felt for almost a decade is gone, except for when I’m away from her. I always feel a bit sad going into autumn, but Peggy surely erases every trace of sadness this year.

To stay updated with upcoming concerts, don’t forget to look at my Calendar page.

Love, Linda


Iceland and logging out


I've just come home after a Denmark/Sweden/Iceland tour with Åkervinda. The tour went great and Iceland is a super cool island! We hope to go back there next year, because we didn't really have time to see the nature properly due to a pretty busy schedule.

Now it's time for, if I may say so myself, some well deserved vacation with Jens and family. I'll be pretty offline, or at least I'll try to, so I won't update the page and might be a bit slow with emails for two weeks. Meantime, please listen to Havtorn Records playlist on Spotify - I'm so impressed with the amount of music that's on there! Quick tip - put it on shuffle for the ultimate Havtorn experience :) 

Love, Linda

Ps. I hope you like the new layout on the site, with new photos and some different headlines. Please let me know if you find that something is missing.

England tour and new release

Hello there!

I've just come home from a UK tour with Åkervinda. England again, but this time we went up north to Newcastle and Hexham. We also had a day in Edinburgh, but we only got to stay due to a delayed flight and a missed train. Edinburgh was nice though, and we managed to catch the second half of the football game (Sweden - Mexico) at a Scottish pub, so that was a good day. Next time we'll make sure to stay and perform in Edinburgh, since we really liked the vibe in the city and all those old beautiful buildings seemed to call our names. 

The first gig was in Newcastle, where we played at Cobalt Studios. We shared the evening with the wonderful singers in The Teacups and the backstage area with a golden retriever/poodle mix (goldenpoo, what a name) who's nick name was "Poodle". We became the best of friends and the others had to drag me down to the stage. The concert went well though, and the audience was awesome.

The second gig was in Hexham, where we also had a workshop earlier in the afternoon. Leading workshops is one of my greatest experiences, since we always get to meet the most amazing and open minded human beings. We had such a fun time singing and exploring all of the sounds that we can make with our voices. We had about 25 participants, both men and women and we taught some traditional Swedish songs, herding calls (kulning) and different techniques that we use when we sing together in Åkervinda. And of course we had a tea break (when in England...).

In the evening, we sang a concert with The Hex Pistols (wonderful charming female barbershop group from Hexham) and the female choir Off The Wall, led by the warm and wonderful woman Charlie Buchanan, who was the brain behind the whole arrangement. Our manager Katie Robson came up from London, so we had the best finale when we all gathered at the pub and sang folk songs from England, Ireland and Sweden and a lullaby from Denmark (about Jumbo the elephant). 

In August, we'll be going back to England again. This time we're heading to London, Bath and the Shambala Festival. Before that, we have som concerts in Sweden, Denmark and our first gig in Iceland (Mengi, Reykjavik), so we keep ourselves occupied. 

Meanwhile, We Float is doing the final touches on the record "What's Really Real?" that will be released the 9th of November on Havtorn Records. We will have our release concert the 26th of November at Inkonst, Malmö (buy tickets here). We'll be joined by our dear friend Samuel Hällkvist, who's also playing at the album. Good times ahead!

In early August, Touché is travelling to Germany so perform at Die A cappella Nacht in Friedrichshafen and Fritzlar together with some really cool vocal groups. Germany is always a good place to go if you want a dedicated á cappella audience, so I very much look forward to it. 

Hope you're all doing fine in the lovely summer weather. Take care and drink lots of water!

Love, Linda