In the studio with We Float

I've spent the last four days in Sunnanå Studio together with We Float, the guitar player Samuel Hällkvist and sound engineer Tobias Ekqvist. Fun times! The studio environment is indeed very special. We spent the most of our waking hours recording music, chatting about music, listening to music and we just had a really nice time. The studio's like a bubble though. Today, when I'm back to my every day routines, I feel very strange and out of context. So I thought "maybe, if I write about it I'll be back to normal again". Well well, at least I tried. Post-production-depressions can't be cured, can they?

All the songs have been recorded, except for some bits and bobs that will be added on a later session. I can't wait for the world to hear it! It already sounds so cool, if I may say so myself. Anne Marte has written some amazing new tunes and we've had plenty of time to work with the arrangements before entering the studio. We Float has developed a lot over the last couple of years since recording our last album, so everything went so smooth this time around. And then, as an extra spice, we add Samuel and his magical guitar on some of the tunes. What an amazing musician! If you haven't heard him, you should definitely check him out. 

For pictures and fun updates from the studio, follow We Float on Instagram. For news about the release and everything else We Float-related, please check out our website. If you want to listen to our debut album Silence, Spotify will play it for you and Havtorn Records will sell it to you.

Love, Linda