Åkervinda in Luxembourg

Yesterday I came home from a tour to Ettelbruck, Luxembourg, and the festival A Cape'lla - Festival autour de la voix. Åkervinda was invited to sing a concert during the Friday evening, and then we decided to stay until yesterday, to rehearse and hang out on the festival. It's always a good idea to stay during these vocal festivals.The vocal community is lovely, people are always up for jam sessions and nerdy vocal discussions and people understand how much time and effort it takes for a vocal group to maintain a high level. The audience are not afraid to tell you both the good and the bad stuff. This time, we had a super fun evening and only got the good :) 

We shared the evening with the amazing Humanophones, whom I've shared the stage with once before back in 2016 during the Internationale A-cappella-Woche in Hannover. That time I was away with Touché and I remember seeing them for the first time and how my jaw just dropped. It was so exciting to see the same thing happen to the others in Åkervinda this time around, when I was the only one who knew what to expect. Humanophones is a group of five, with three singers and two body percussionists. If you have the opportunity to see them perform, don't miss out! They are exceptionally talented!

This was my first time visiting Luxembourg as a grown-up, and I must say that the language situation was really confusing. French, German and Luxembourgish are all official languages - and it's not more than just below 600.000 people living in this country! That's just slightly more than Gothenburg! I wonder how they know which language to choose when meeting someone new... And with three languages, I believe it can be hard to learn English, so it was a bit tricky to communicate. I never should've given up my french studies, that's for sure. 

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Love, Linda