Christmas show and album release


Just wanted to update you on what I’ve been up to recently. I’ve had a couple of crazy weeks, but it’s starting to ease up.

Åkervinda went to Jylland, Denmark in November, to give workshops and sing concerts together with two wonderful choirs. We had the best time, thank you to everyone involved! I’ve said it before, but workshops is one of my absolute favourite things to do! I love the feeling of unity and joy that it gives.

Straight after I went home, I started rehearsing for the Christmas show “Ännu en svensk klassiker” that I’m a part of. We’re playing 3-4 shows a week up until Christmas, so I’ll spend a lot of my time singing Swedish hits and Christmas songs the next couple of weeks. It’s so much fun, since I rarely sing any backup vocals and pop hits nowadays. Although… after a week of rehearsals I started to notice that my wrist was aching, and I realised it was because of my crazy tambourine and cowbell playing. I have to learn some percussion technique, fast!

We Float released the album “What’s Really Real?” the 9th of November on Havtorn Records. We’re so proud of the album and critics have been very kind so far. Monday, the day before yesterday, we played our release concert at Inkonst, Malmö. We invited all the guest musicians that play on the record to feature on the concert, and it was one of my greatest concert experiences ever. We had so much fun, all my stress and nervousness just melted off when we stepped up on the stage. If you missed it, you can read the nice review in Sydsvenskan and pretend you were there ;)

Now I have to go back to cuddling with my puppy <3 Take care (and don’t forget to switch over to winter tires and drive safely).

Love, Linda