Snowy weather and music video

I woke up this morning and decided to leave the car at home and go by train to Skurup, where I teach once a week. The weather forecast said "stay at home", but I said to myself that I couldn't be that bad. I live in Skåne after all. My college called when I was already on the bus. All the lessons had been cancelled due to the snowy weather. Well, it's March tomorrow but the winter doesn't seem to mind too much. Although it's spring on my windowsill - the chili seeds and tomatoes are popping up one after one! The gardener in me is very pleased.  

Hoping for better weather soon, because Åkervinda is flying over to London tomorrow. This time we're gonna sing three concerts at The Bridewell Theatre based in Blackfriars in London, and we're also gonna meet some of our co-workers while we're there. Afternoon tea with Brits, I'm intrigued.   

Åkervinda just released our new music video! It's the song "Min pipa" (My Pipe) from our new record that will be released the 16th of March. You can watch it here! It's a song that celebrates life, and we all just love that song so much.

Stay safe and warm people! 

Love, Linda