Touché in Silkeborg

This weekend was dedicated to Touché. We got together to rehearse some new material and to sing a concert in Silkeborg, Denmark. We also managed to squeeze in an interview with Alton Accola from Behind the mic (I'll make sure to update you when it's been released) and our general assembly for 2018.

Touché is a large group with members living in Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands, therefor it's difficult to find time to even meet in person and not over Skype. To find time to sing concerts is even more of a challenge. The key lies in planning ahead. It can be so hard for a group of freelancers to do so, since no one really knows where they'll be in a month from now, but I think we're getting there.

This time it was time to visit Silkeborg. We sang a lunch concert at Kedelhuset for an amazing audience! They were cheering and clapping along to the big band numbers and stayed so quiet during the ballads. Afterwards, everyone seemed happy. The greatest praise came from a man in the audience. We was used to "regular" jazz concerts, I imagine a saxophone quartet or similar. He told me that he came to the concert with the intention to leave to leave after the first set "if it was as terrible as expected". He stayed the whole concert and was so happy an fascinated that he'd found something new that he really enjoyed. I thought he was so brave to come - I will try to be a bit more like him and adventure out in all the concert programs and other art performances. Often, it pays off. And if not, one can always leave after the first set :)

To read more about Touché, please visit our website or Facebook page. You can also listen to our new CD on Spotify

Love, Linda

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2018-02-06 UPDATE! My regular email address is up and running again :)