Album release, photoshoot and sold out concert

Omg, long time no see! I knew it would happen, but I've been slacking with my updates for a while now. Hope you'll forgive me :)

Before I start - I've updated my calendar page with some new gigs as well, please head over there and see what's new and where I'm going. 

Let's start the life update! Thursday 15th, Touché sang a concert at Jönköping's jazz club. We had a blast and the concert was almost sold out. The review in JNKPNG News (in Swedish) was super positive, and we had a nice concert experience. Thank you Jönköpings Jazzklubb for having us! 

Friday 16th, Åkervinda released the album "Förgänglighet". Finally! We're so excited to finally let go of the secret and release the whole album, and people have said so many nice things that we couldn't be happier and more excited for the release concerts. If you have missed it, you can listen to the album on Spotify or buy the digital version on iTunes. The physical CD will arrive very soon, so you'll be able to purchase your copy on one of our release concerts and later on through our record label Vanguard Music Boulevard.

Ava, a band that's been on pause for some time, is playing together again - now as a duo. I'm so so so thrilled to be playing again! We had a short and sweet (and cold) photo session last Saturday 17th, out in the winter weather. We managed to get some nice photos that will be up here pretty soon. We are planning some concerts in the autumn, and I'll make sure to update you on when and where we'll be playing. We are rehearsing some new material, and I'm so happy to be playing with Nils again. He's such a great composer and a brilliant guitar player. To be continued!

The We Float recording is finished! Short teasers will be out pretty soon, and hopefully some singles and other fun stuff will be out not to far from now. I can't wait :D Keep your eyes open and head over to We Float on Facebook, our most active social media channel. 

That was it for now! Hope you all have an amazing week!

Love, Linda