Half way May

Hello from me, the fig tree and the sunny balcony! 

Yes, the picture is my current view. Summer is here. It's for real. I know, it's daring to believe it and trust the weather forecasts these days, but it has come to stay (fingers and toes crossed!!). Everything becomes so much easier when the sun comes out and I'm in my happy place with lots of energy and creativity.

May has been pretty calm, I bet I'm the only one who can make that claim since everyone I know is almost drowning in their overbooked calendars and upcoming deadlines. Sorry, but by May is pretty awesome and chill.

Last Friday, I got to play in the beautiful cathedral in Lund, Lunds domkyrka, together with Anne Marte Eggen and We Float duo. It was a "night church" evening, and we played until 11.30 PM. That cathedral is magical during night time. They arrange "night church" about eight times a year, so if you happen to be in Lund for one of those nights - take my advice and head over there!

Wedding season is upon us! Yesterday, I got to sing at a beautiful outdoor wedding, by a small lake called Yddingesjön. I was joined by the guitar genius Nils Andersson (Ava). It was a bit hard to focus though, since a lot of the wedding guests were dogs (the bride runs a doggy daycare). I am a crazy dog lady without a dog of my own, so I had a blast! My new best friend is called Troja and she is a beautiful labrador retriever.

Next week I'm gonna sing at a wedding outside of Copenhagen together with Søren Gemmer, whom I haven't played with since the good old Ylijali days (2010 that is). He's an exceptional jazz pianist and I'm really looking forward to it, even though we're gonna play some wedding pop music this time. Speaking of pop - I'm also practicing some Whitney Houston these days, since my dear friend is getting married the 2nd of June and wants me to sing a Whitney tune. No pressure! It's hard, let me tell you, but I except the challenge! 

A week ago, I had a photo shoot in Alnarpsparken - a beautiful park with a great castle-looking building, trees and flowers. Hopefully I'll be able to post some of those photos here soon, if they turn out OK. 

A short and sweet update, just to let you know what's hanging. I'll leave you with an old Ava classic, Flygplan (Airplane) that is perfect for this cloud free summer weather. 

Love, Linda