April summary

I am the worst at this. Still, I've got some good excuses. April was pretty busy, and here are some things worth mentioning:

We had a release tour for "Förgänglighet" - Åkervinda's new album. Jazzhus Montmartre in Copenhagen, Frilagret in Gothenburg, Victoriateatern in Malmö, Linköping folk- och världsmusikfestival and Malmö Live in Malmö all got a visit from us. Unfortunately I caught a cold and was feeling a bit worse for wear, but pushed through and got well for the last couple of gigs. Singing can sometimes be like the worst instrument in the world, and other times it's the most convenient thing ever. 

Touché sang a concert at Malmö Live, hosted by Bullret Jazzklubb with support from Musik i Syd. I'm one of the regulars at the club, but I've never been to a concert with an audience this big in numbers! It was almost sold out, which blew us (and the arrangers) away. It was so great! And we also got to use Malmö Live's in-ear system, which was very interesting since we're thinking of upgrading our system as well. There has been a lot of controversy concerning Malmö's new concert hall. People thought it was too expensive, while the music scene was "starving", but no one can complain about the work that was put into that building. It is an absolute dream to stand on the stage in Kuben, because the acoustics is spot on. I've sung maybe five or six concerts on that stage already, and every time I've had the best experience and monitor sound. 

Jazzahead! Bremen! I was there for the first time this year. I was representing Havtorn Records, our record label, and I have to tell you that I was feeling very uncomfortable the days leading up to the trip. I had no plans, no goals - just pure anxiety. It's not easy for an introvert person to have four days of networking planned in the calendar. Happily, my dear friend and co-worker Anne Marte Eggen joined and we really had the best time. We met some lovely musicians, bookers and managers and everyone was so friendly and chatty and ready to start new projects and co-labs. If you're thinking about going though, you should know that it's a four-full-day-thing. I had planned on doing some computer work while I was away, but I had no time what so ever to do anything else than being at the exhibition.

Lastly, I just want to mention that I'll receive the Malmö Stads Kulturstipendium (culture scholarship) for 2018. I feel so honoured and thankful. The ceremony will be held in Rådhuset the 31st of May, so I'll make sure to take some pics for anyone that's interested. And from the bottom of my heart - thank you to all of you who've sent love over social media. Your support is the best thing <3

And another positive note - SPRING IS FINALLY HERE! Now, let May begin! As a true Swede, I have to listen to some Valborg appropriate music - here's one from Åkervinda!

Love, Linda