Iceland and logging out


I've just come home after a Denmark/Sweden/Iceland tour with Åkervinda. The tour went great and Iceland is a super cool island! We hope to go back there next year, because we didn't really have time to see the nature properly due to a pretty busy schedule.

Now it's time for, if I may say so myself, some well deserved vacation with Jens and family. I'll be pretty offline, or at least I'll try to, so I won't update the page and might be a bit slow with emails for two weeks. Meantime, please listen to Havtorn Records playlist on Spotify - I'm so impressed with the amount of music that's on there! Quick tip - put it on shuffle for the ultimate Havtorn experience :) 

Love, Linda

Ps. I hope you like the new layout on the site, with new photos and some different headlines. Please let me know if you find that something is missing.