England tour and new release

Hello there!

I've just come home from a UK tour with Åkervinda. England again, but this time we went up north to Newcastle and Hexham. We also had a day in Edinburgh, but we only got to stay due to a delayed flight and a missed train. Edinburgh was nice though, and we managed to catch the second half of the football game (Sweden - Mexico) at a Scottish pub, so that was a good day. Next time we'll make sure to stay and perform in Edinburgh, since we really liked the vibe in the city and all those old beautiful buildings seemed to call our names. 

The first gig was in Newcastle, where we played at Cobalt Studios. We shared the evening with the wonderful singers in The Teacups and the backstage area with a golden retriever/poodle mix (goldenpoo, what a name) who's nick name was "Poodle". We became the best of friends and the others had to drag me down to the stage. The concert went well though, and the audience was awesome.

The second gig was in Hexham, where we also had a workshop earlier in the afternoon. Leading workshops is one of my greatest experiences, since we always get to meet the most amazing and open minded human beings. We had such a fun time singing and exploring all of the sounds that we can make with our voices. We had about 25 participants, both men and women and we taught some traditional Swedish songs, herding calls (kulning) and different techniques that we use when we sing together in Åkervinda. And of course we had a tea break (when in England...).

In the evening, we sang a concert with The Hex Pistols (wonderful charming female barbershop group from Hexham) and the female choir Off The Wall, led by the warm and wonderful woman Charlie Buchanan, who was the brain behind the whole arrangement. Our manager Katie Robson came up from London, so we had the best finale when we all gathered at the pub and sang folk songs from England, Ireland and Sweden and a lullaby from Denmark (about Jumbo the elephant). 

In August, we'll be going back to England again. This time we're heading to London, Bath and the Shambala Festival. Before that, we have som concerts in Sweden, Denmark and our first gig in Iceland (Mengi, Reykjavik), so we keep ourselves occupied. 

Meanwhile, We Float is doing the final touches on the record "What's Really Real?" that will be released the 9th of November on Havtorn Records. We will have our release concert the 26th of November at Inkonst, Malmö (buy tickets here). We'll be joined by our dear friend Samuel Hällkvist, who's also playing at the album. Good times ahead!

In early August, Touché is travelling to Germany so perform at Die A cappella Nacht in Friedrichshafen and Fritzlar together with some really cool vocal groups. Germany is always a good place to go if you want a dedicated á cappella audience, so I very much look forward to it. 

Hope you're all doing fine in the lovely summer weather. Take care and drink lots of water!

Love, Linda