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Hello there autumn!

Here we go again! After some hectic summer months, I’m back in the swing of things with a little update for y’all. First of all, I have to tell you that WE FLOAT HAS BEEN NOMINATED FOR P2 JAZZKATTEN! Sorry for screaming, it’s just too cool not to. The category is “Årets grupp” or “Group of the year”, which for me is the best category of them all, I very much enjoy being a team player. You can vote for us by texting p2 grupp5 to 72250 (up to ten times!). Even if we don’t win (and we don’t expect to) we’re just so proud to be nominated and that we’re being recognised for what we do. And while we’re on that subject, We Float just released the first single from the record What’s Really Real? that will be released on Havtorn Records the 9th of November. It’s called REM - a song about falling asleep, surrendering into a dream and letting the imagination take over. Watch the music video or listen on Spotify.

It’s been a wonderful summer, with lots of new experiences and concerts memories to help warm the soul during the long and cold winter awaiting us. Since my last update, Åkervinda went on tour to the UK yet another time. This time, we played in London, Bath and at the Shambala festival. Lovely places, lovely people but not as warm as we’d expected. I had a concert at a Christmas market in Sweden once, where my hands froze to ice from holding the microphone. That is still the coldest gig I’ve ever had, but the night at Shambala comes in second. The glamorous life as a musician is not always glamorous :D

School has started, which means I’m back teaching at Skurups folkhögskola and also at AMS, where I teach vocals lessons once a week. It feels good to be back! Yet, everything is very different in our private lives right now, since we have a new family member! We finally got a dog, can you believe it?! Her name is Peggy and she’s been living with us for almost a month now and she’s the cutest thing that I’ve ever seen. All my dog abstinence that I’ve felt for almost a decade is gone, except for when I’m away from her. I always feel a bit sad going into autumn, but Peggy surely erases every trace of sadness this year.

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Love, Linda