2018 - the summary


Before we head to far into 2019, I just want to sum up all the craziness that 2018 had to offer.

2018 spoiled me. I got to play over fifty public concerts, including my first ever concert in Iceland and Luxembourg. I had two album releases, with Åkervinda and We Float. I also received Malmö stads kulturstipendium (culture scholarship) and Konstnärsnämndens arbetsstipendium (The Swedish Arts Grants Committee working grant). On top of that We Float won the award “Årets grupp” (Group of the year) at P2 Jazzkatten and we got to play on live TV and radio in Musikhjälpen. I also got to meet and play with some truly amazing musicians this year, that inspired me to practice and develop further.

2018 also gave me the greatest thing ever - our puppy Peggy. I know it’s random, but she is truly the best little dog. I’m so happy that she came into our lives and enriched it with puppy kisses and snuggles (and endless games of tug of war, bite marks and missing socks).

Some amazing things will happen in 2019 as well. First of all, Åkervinda has been nominated for a Grammis. Just the nomination is enough to make us feel like queens, but the 7th of February we’ll know who the winner is. And we get to go to a gala, that’s exciting!

In April, Åkervinda will sing a concert in London together with my all time favourite vocal group The Swingles. It’s still surreal, so don’t ask me how I feel about it just yet.

Other projects and tours will be official later on, so stay tuned!

2019, bring it on!

Love, Linda