UK tour and singing with my idols


I’ve been away with Åkervinda for a week. We went back to England, one of our favourite destinations. We’ve been there quite a lot over the last couple of years and after each time we usually say “oh, maybe we should just go somewhere else next time, find something else to do” -yet we go back! There’s something about that country that just pulls us back, and now we have finally figured it out - it’s the people. At every concert we meet so many lovely people that are so extremely open minded when it comes to music. We thought the language barrier (we sing in Swedish) would be a problem, but it seems to be the opposite. So thank you BREXIT for not ruining this for us (yet), we were quite nervous that you would come and kill the party but you didn’t. For that I’m forever grateful.

This tour was by far the best one yet, with three sold out concerts and a workshop with over 50 participants. And I got to sing with my idols in London - how crazy is that? We met The Swingles for the first time in 2015 at Aarhus Vocal Festival. They were the headliners and we were in the vocal competition. They invited us over to their festival, the London A cappella Festival in January 2017 and it was around that time that they released their folk album “Folklore”. I think that was when the thought of a collaboration started, but it took some time before we dared to ask and our calendars matched. For this concert we wrote an arrangement together and… it’s so beautiful! Åkervinda started by choosing the tune (it’s actually two tunes that we put together) and arranging for ourselves with lots of space for the other seven voices in the second part of the song. Then we sent it to Edward Randell, the bass singer in The Swingles. He arranged their part and sent it back to us and it just blew our minds. Just wow, what an arranger! If you want to hear the whole thing, keep your ears and eyes open because we had video cameras filming it, but the second part of the song, the one with the Swingles can be found here.

After London we went straight to Bath for a workshop and concert. We met up with our friends and fellow folk musicians Su Hart and her husband Martin Cradick. Together we recorded the beautiful song “Lament for the Fisherman’s Wife” with a 360° camera at their kitchen table. Listen to it with headphones for the best sound experience. If I look sad in the video (oh yes I do) then I can promise you that I wasn’t sad at all. Please just listen to the lyrics and you’ll understand.

The last venue was a yurt in the countryside close to Ledbury. Acoustic and with blackbirds singing outside in the apple trees it was just magical. The labrador Pearl greeted us with puppy kisses that made the evening complete.

This week everything seemed to just go our way. BREXIT, SAS strike, hay fever - nothing could ruin it for us! So thank you England, we had a blast! Until next time.

Love, Linda