Allsång på Skansen and summer


Hope you’re all well. I just remembered that I haven’t updated you guys in a while now and some exciting things are coming up!

The 4h of July I’m gonna be in Strängnäs - my hometown - to perform at Kvitter i Parken (Ugglans park) with Åkervinda. We are super excited! Both me and Agnes are from the area (Agnes grew up in Mariefred) so we’re all very thrilled to sing on our home arena. Click here for Facebook event.

Aside from that, Åkervinda has got another super exciting concert coming up. We’ve been asked to perform at Allsång på Skansen! It’s the biggest event we’ve ever done and we were so surprised and flattered that we even got the question. I’ve watched Allsång på Skansen since I was a kid and I’ve never even dreamt of performing there. So super stirred, thank you SVT crew for choosing us!

We Float shared an evening with Makross and Almaz Yebio Twist ‘n Shout at Jazzfesten in Ystad the 31st of May. The concert was recorded and aired at the radio the day before yesterday. If you missed it, you can find it here.

That was all for now! If you don’t want to miss any future concerts, all my public performances are listed under “Calendar”.

Love, Linda