We performed at Allsång på Skansen!


Oh wow, what a week! If you missed it, Åkervinda performed at SVT Allsång på Skansen three days ago. It’s still hard to grasp. The days leading up to the show was pretty hectic and I didn’t get much sleep, so it’s quite cloudy to be honest :) But fun! We had the best time!

We went to Stockholm last Sunday and had our first rehearsal with the band on Monday. That was pretty chill since we only sang one song together with the band and they had made a beautiful arrangement of the song. We of course had to add some of our harmonies, but that was about it. Tuesday started at 11 am with a camera rehearsal on stage followed by a dress rehearsal (felt more like the real deal, we were exhausted afterwards!) and a break before the big show. The makeup artists fixed us up and we went out to sing - in front of a crowded Solliden and about 1.5 million viewers at home! Oh wow. We are so proud of our performance and felt the love from the sweet audience. Some of them came to Skansen hours before the doors opened at 10 in the morning and sat in the blazing sun for about 10 hours to get the best seats! I mean, that’s insane!

We feel so honoured and thankful that the team at SVT chose us for this show, it can mean a lot to our future career.

So thank you thank you thank you thank you!

Love, Linda

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