South of France and Nordic Song Festival


I’m back after a couple of exciting concerts. Touché went to the wonderful festival Choralies in Vaison-la-Romaine close to Marseille close to the mediterranean sea. It’s a huge festival with choir singers from all over the world. The concert venue is a marvellous Roman amphitheatre that could fit 5.000 people! And the acoustics were amazing. I mean, we sing with microphones anyways but the sound was so good already when we started our soundcheck. Those Romans really knew how to build theatres.

We traveled to Vaison-la-Romaine the day before the concert with a super early flight. My alarm was set at 3.30am, never a nice thing but it’s a good thing to arrive the day before the concert. The travels went fine, but the plan was crazy because we were set up to have our soundcheck on the very same evening at 11.30pm. It was delayed of course, and we ended our soundcheck at whooping 3.30am. Does that time sound familiar to you? Well, 24 hours after the alarm went off and we could finally go to bed.

The day after was spent by the hotel pool. I had turned into a lobster just in time for the concert. Thank God for makeup :)

The stage was nothing less than breathtaking. The cicadas were making their loud noises in the trees and the atmosphere was just something to remember forever. Touché did a great job, I’m so proud of us. We had practiced new choreography and fast transitions in between each song and it all worked out beautifully.

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The week after, Åkervinda went to Nordic Song Festival. It’s a festival where we’ve been invited before but they’ve changed location since. This year’s festival was placed in Trollhättan close to Vänern, the biggest sea in Sweden. I’d never been there before so that was nice. We sang at the opening concert in Folkets hus and had our own concert in Konsthallen the day after. Two beautiful locations each with their own charm. The whole festival is geared more towards classical music but we were kind of their more folky/jazzy element to spice up the program. We were all super tired the day of our concert, but somehow managed to find some left over energy just when we entered the stage. It turned out to be one of the best concerts we’ve ever sung and we were all equally surprised and happy afterwards.

The day after the concert we all traveled to Malmö and Sunnanå Studio to record our new single. Tobias Ekqvist, sound engineer, had put everything up when we arrived. We had invited Villads Hoffmann from Elmø og Hoffmann to join us and he played his cittern like magic. Still a bit tired from all the travels and not enough sleep, he was the boost we needed that day. We finally got our version and hope we can release it soon. Make sure to follow Åkervinda on Facebook and/or Instagram for updates.


This week I’ve recorded new music written by the Danish composer/trombone, piano and organ player Morten Jessen. He has written beautiful music for three singers, strings and wind instruments. We’ll premiere it the 15th of September in Høsterkøb church outside of Copenhagen (facebook event), but the recording will be out soon too.


Next up i actually a weekend off together with my family. We’re gonna celebrate my dad who’s turning 65! Congratulations daddy <3 Next week I’m going to Halmstad together with We Float, Copenhagen with Touché and Karlskrona with a groovy gang to play some party music. Hope you all are having a great August so far. Take care!

Love, Linda

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