Åkervinda (SE/DK)

Nominated for Grammis 2019, “Folk music of the year” and seen in Allsång på Skansen!

The group’s name, Åkervinda, is inspired by a Swedish wildflower whose roots spread far and wide like rivers under the ground. Like the flower, gracefully entwining melodies, rock solid groove, and ever intriguing harmonies will take root in your mind. Like the flower, they will be impossible to remove. Jazz singers at heart, the young women of Åkervinda share a deep love of folk music. Through improvisation they give new life to traditional folk songs and stories of women throughout the ages.

I am spellbound by there four gorgeous voices breathing as one, telling stories that transcend language barriers. Their arrangements are invigorating, inspiring and grounded in a deep understanding of folk traditions.
— Edward Randell, The Swingles


Linda Bergström - vocals
Agnes Åhlund - vocals
Lise Kroner - vocals
Iris Bergcrantz - vocals