Ava (SE)

Ava dares to ask the big questions and is looking for the answers. Is there any sense in existing? Is it all just in our imagination? The inspiration from the nature in northern Sweden and the rumble of the city makes the music flow like a river; softly undulating with roots in jazz and improvised music. With Swedish lyrics the group shape their very unique sound; naked, intimate and melodic. All music is written by Nils Andersson, guitarist and composer originally from Vindeln in the north of Sweden.

Allt handlar om klanger, ljudmattor som är alldeles lagom dominerande, och så fin och skir sång från Linda Bergström. Det som fascinerar mest är att det inte finns någonting som sticker ut. En musikalisk helhet som bara ger mig en riktigt stor kram.
— Maria Lagergréen Västlund, Lira Musikmagasin


Nils Andersson - guitar and compositions

Linda Bergström - vocals