We Float (SE/NO)

Winner of “Årets grupp” (group of the year) at P2 Jazzkatten 2018, We Float brings the listener on a journey of dramatically changing landscapes. What may seem peaceful and quiet can suddenly blow up to a heavy storm. We Float is a journey between acoustic and electronic, between hope and despair, between pop and jazz. The Norwegian bass player Anne Marte Eggen writes music that is free from restrictions and predetermined rules.

Magisterially honest and wholly unpretentious in its artful composition and earnest delivery, What’s Really Real? exists on its own plane and is both compact and sprawling in its musical scope. (…) Despite the undoubtable virtuosity that characterises the considerable musical backgrounds of the four players and the contributions of a considerable array of guest musicians, ego is nowhere to be seen. (…) This is a timeless album that will provide endless entry- and exit-points for the avid listener, many years to come.
— Indie30


Anne Marte Eggen - bass and compositions
Linda Bergström - vocals and microkorg
Fanny Gunnarsson - keys
Filip Bensefelt - drums