February is here! Not the nicest of weathers, but the sun is returning to the north! I don’t know with you, but I find it hard to function when the sun vanishes in the winter. Now, I can wake up before my alarm in the morning and feel awake, that usually never happens in my snoozy December…

Ok, so Grammisgalan happened. Wow, that was something completely different from the everyday life and chilling in the pj’s at home, haha. We dressed up in long gowns, flower crowns and jewellery from Andeliusgribbe, walked the red carpet and got seated amongst the other nominees. Actually, the back of my seat touched the back of Robyn’s seat, THEEE ROBYN. I actually screamed out loud when I realised she was seated just next to me. Unfortunately, she never came :/ 8 year old Linda would’ve been devastated, but I don’t know, maybe it was a good thing since I’m so star struck that I would have missed the whole program because of her. 8 year old Linda would’ve said that it would’ve been worth it though :D

The hosts were brilliant and the food was delicious, but unfortunately Åkervinda didn’t win. BUT, just to be clear, we’re sooo not disappointed! As I’ve mentioned already, just the nomination was enough to send us to the moon. And now we can’t get enough, so we’ll just record some new music and see what happens, hopefully we’ll be back again some day!

January was also the month when I upgraded to Linda 3.0. Thank you so much for all your birthday wishes! I had an interview with Eskilstunakuriren, and I think it turned our really nice, so hear you have it (click here for a bigger version).

Love, Linda

30-årsintervju i Eskilstunakuriren.jpg